Photo: Justin Bastien

Photo: Justin Bastien

Once you hear Seth's story his work makes a bit more sense. As most kids nervously went into their freshman year of high school, Seth nervously left a small island in Alaska he called home and  found himself going to school in Egypt for three years, and later India. Having satisfied his travel need, he moved to Montana to satisfy his small town and mountain needs. 

His work is obviously shaped by these competing subjects. Seth feels just as at home deep in the mountains as he does lost in markets of India. His documentary style of shooting allows for intimate and organic moments to manifest naturally. It is apparent that he prefers to work slow and learn first about the people he's photographing. Unfolding the pages of people's stories is his motivation for capturing photographs.

Clients: Alpinist Magazine, Climbing Magazine, KEEN, Mountain Standard, Men's Fitness, New Belgium Brewing, The North Face, Oboz Footwear, Outdoor Research, Outside Magazine, Rock & Ice, Smithsonian Channel, Subaru, Trail Runner...

email: seth@sethlangbauerphotography.com

phone: 970.692.4381